Let the Shupping begin

“Hello, today I’d like to talk to you about shipping, And if you don’t know what that is, then run! And NEVER get involved in this.”

-Dan ‘danisnotonfire’ Howell;

Shipping is a  part of fangirl culture, where the names of two people are ‘shipped’ together into one. For example:


Nobody really knows where or when shipping came from, only that it has always been there, and that it has recently exploded into something more mainstream than any of us could imagine.


Shipping is started when two characters (IRL or in fiction) become ‘close’, such as hug playfight or are literally close to someone. Let’s make an example,

John meets Linda.


John meets Linda

John and Linda become very good friends, and then one day they hug.


John Hugs Linda


"I ship it!"

Linda’s friend Derpy is in a fandom, and she decides to ship them. 

Selecting the nameEdit

This means putting their names together, however, there are certain unwritten shipping laws that have been written especially for you.

  1. The names must be split halfway ie. MER-THUR
  2. UNLESS- The second name has a vowel as its second letter (Like Linda, or Johns names)
  3. It cannot be a ship name if the name matches, i.e Doctor Donna= Doctor/Donna
  4. Pick the name that sounds least like a disease

Based on these rules, John and Linda’s name must be either Jinda or Lohn. The shipper must then follow the fourth unwritten rule as shown above. 

Sometimes a ship doesn’t even have to be between people, I was once personally shipped with a tree. 

This ship sails itself

Shipping TermsEdit


Canon isn’t even limited to tumblr, it’s a common word meaning ‘official’. In Shipping, if a ship goes canon then it has become official, such as they have started dating or kissed.


When a ship has been sunk, it is no longer salvageable. It is a double metaphor to go along with he idea that a ship sails. And this what someone means when they say "Going down with this ship." They will ship on to the end like some bitter and stubborn stalker.

I will go down with this Ship

“A ship sails itself”Edit

“A ship sails itself.” Is the fangirls idea, that when you make a ship it will eventually become true. The other alternative of course is that the Ship sinks into the murky depths of the oceans.


OTP means one true pairing, and in the words of Dan Howell, “When you insult someones OTP, shit just got personal.”

The basic principle of this is that an OTP is a ship someone wants so bad to happen, whether it is IRL or fiction. They would literally sell their own soul for this Ship to go canon. Unfortuantly, the majority of shipping related posts is someone’s OTP being sunk. 



Shipping is a widely practiced ‘thing’ that extends far beyond tumblr’s borders, and at some point in some place a fangirl will ship us with someone, or something.